Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Magic Pencil 4

Quentin Blake
Ten Frogs 1998
It was while I was doing the magazine drawings that I came upon the possibilities of spontaneity- that you didn't have to be frightened. When I got into books I discovered that there were other aspects that also sustained my interest- trying to imagine the characters and the way they move and the kind of expressions they make.
When I was doing Sylvia Plath's The Bed Book, I started using a lightbox. I put a sheet of watercolour paper over a rough and then, because I can see where everything has to go, I can draw as if I was making it up for the first time- actually feeling the gestures and expressions with the pen.

I've liked Quentin Blake since I was little, so I might be influenced a lot by him anyway. Whenever I draw something off the top of my head, it usually looks a bit like one of Blake's figures, only he manages to make his look both childish and sophisticated. His drawings are free and expressive but also look like what they're meant to be.

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