Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Magic Pencil 3

Patrick Benson- The Sea-Thing child by Russell Hoban 1999
The most important thing for an illustrator to do is the provide lots of visual clues- rather like snapshots- that will act as a sort of springboard for the imagination and help the child to visualise the surrounding in which the story is happening. Does a lot of preparatory drawings.
Usually starts with a pen and ink drawing and applies colour. Owl babies- wanted it very dark, but also with rick colours. Transferred black and white drawing onto clear film, lifted the film and coloured underneath.
 I really love how Benson uses colour. There's a definite mood to each image, especially in the sea-thing child.
In the picture opposite, the landscape is so big and golden, you almost don't notice the character washed up on the beach.
I kind of want to lick the page, to see if it tastes like butter...

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