Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stevie Lewis

Wow, I've got a new girl crush!

Stevie likes to draw people she comes across in the public sphere.

She has a deceptively loose style of drawing. So cool it hurts.
Then, when she's drawing in her studio she really cleans up the lines and suddenly it's very polished and professional.

I remember reading about gesture in drawing in several books. Each book said gesture is one of the key parts of capturing someone's character or personality in a drawing. I think Stevie's got it.

Harry Ally

A fine artist who uses people as his subjects. My favourite is the one with just the arms, because it's in contrast to the rest of his work which does the whole body (usually).

He'll give me nightmares because he doesn't always give them faces...

He uses oil and mixed media for the paintings, and usually charcoal, pastel and acrylics for the drawings.

Living Lines- Adam and his dog

Pencil test for an animation. The blog is interesting for all the animation tidbits and information.

Animation is a bit like magic.

(so, the number at the top right...does that mean 125 drawings for 5 seconds of animation?!)



a short film.

About boxes and paper.

With really cool music.

It's definitely worth clicking the link.

8 bit music videos with mischievous squirrels

The video to Junior Senior's "Move your feet".

I must have watched this to death when it first came out years ago. I could remember all the scenes.

That second stickman who marches onto the dancefloor in indignation...!

The video is done by an art collective called Shynola, according to wikipedia.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

isometric eboy

These are animations but here they are static.
Isometric art by eboy, a studio who have done adverts and editorial work for a lot of clients.

I was just indulging in a desire to play with pixels and isometric graphics for an animation...