Friday, 28 September 2012

Reading books


Favourite layouts

 Face/t.v monitor/ cute japanese mascot, with chicken head.
 A midsummer night's dream chicken head.
 Falling asleep in class chicken head.
 Sort of reminiscent of an art movement from the early 20th Century...
Studying for an exam chicken head.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dear lord

The layouts project is really fun. I'm going to post a few of my worst layouts so far:

 Oh, when they said, "exaggerate the scale", I don't think that's what they had in mind.
 Just because you can tilt things, doesn't especially mean you HAVE to tilt EVERYTHING.
 The teenage scrapbook look.
Hey look, it's a blue dot in the top left balanced by a red dot in the top right! Can I have a degree now?

About depreciation, by the way. It's often not a good idea to talk bad about your work:
"If you want people to respect your work, take you seriously, or pay you to draw things then do not trash talk your own work. Why would you expect someone else take your work seriously when even you, the person that created it, are openly talking about how much it sucks? If you want people to get excited about your work (and to hire you to draw things) then you need to show them that YOU are excited about your work."
Phil McAndrew, San Diego illustrator

I'll post my favourite layouts next, then.


Met this cute little bugger on the way to uni this morning. He was lovely, so I got pictures, but unfortunately no chance of an interview.

Since he was eating KFC crumbs off the pavement I would guess he's inbetween modelling jobs at the moment, and been kicked out of his high-maintenance girlfriend's flat after falling on harder times.

This is just pure speculation, I admit.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Restaurant Menu

I went to a post restaurant with my extended family in the summer. It was so posh, there were swans on the canal running adjacent to the building. The menu was gorgeous and the typography interested me.

Look at the contrast of the blue and orange.

It wasn't as dirty as the pictures make out to be, but my camera didn't like the dim lights of the main dining area.
I can't remember, but there may have been candles on the tables, it was so posh.

I ordered a coke with my meal.

Dusan Djukaric

Belgrade based watercolour artist

Andreas Deja

Concept art and character designs for lilo and stitch by Disney.