Friday, 23 September 2011

Fashion illustration

Hm, this was in 'blogs of note'

Never used blogspot before, I wonder if this is like featured journals or something?

Ruffling feathers on the catwalk

Clearly communicating personal likes, loves and favourite things via the medium of collage.
Actually, not that fond of turkey birds (although they are quite cute), but the place where they serve shish kebabs, apple tea, halva and turkish delight is up there in my list of favourite places.

Done last minute on thursday night, in for friday morning, a good start to the year.

Name: Emma
Place: Turkey
Film: Kill Bill (there's a little drawing of hattori hanzo's symbol from the film in there somewhere)
Artist: Lynne Perella
Greatest love: Tattoos
Lynne Perella is really cool.