Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Paper: Tear Rip Fold Crease Cut

 Noriko Ambe; A piece of flat globe

 Richard Sweeney; Icosahedron
 Mia Pearlman; Eye
 Ingrid Siliakus; Reflection on Sagrada Familia
 Peter Callesen; The short distance between time and shadow
 Yulia Brodskaya; Bon Apetit
 Claire Brewster; Swallow (oh the birds)
 Kako Ueda; Gaze
 Jen Stark; Over and Out
 Won Park; Koi
Thomas Allen; Fury

Some of my favourite paper artists from the book in the title of this post. Most fold or cut, but in the last picture, Allen messes about with a pulp fiction cover to make it three dimensional.

I have to overcome my intense hatred of folding paper. Paper is not just for drawing on.

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