Friday, 18 November 2011

Cathy Brett at Aoi Portfolios

I swear I've seen her work before, but I can't think where. She does a lot of book illustration so it was probably a teenage fiction one. Teen fiction is actually pretty good, doesn't take long to read and usually has cool book jackets...not that I judge a book by it's cover or anything....

Tomislav Tomic
Another Aoi Portfolio artist. I'd love to get that level of detail in my work, but I have a really poor attention span. The top image makes me think of the black and white brief and how the illustrators use line to show tone and also the direction the contour is going.
One day, before I die, I will make an image as lovely as this. It's not just the colour I like, it's the really funky dudes making towns on hills. Isn't that cool?

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